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    Requiem Cozy Care Packages are designed to give you a magical escape from daily life with delicious drinks in the comfort of your own home. Every Cozy Care Package gives you your choice of coffee, tea, lemonade, or a combination of everything along with custom designed flavors you can’t get anywhere else. Every package comes with ingredients to make 40+ drinks so you have lots to enjoy! In addition to drinks, your subscription box lets you become a part of a greater universe. You will receive pen pal letters every month written by Requiem original characters that invite you to collect clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the great mystery of the ruins of Old Fortuna and the bizarre phenomena that are happening to your faraway friends. Each box comes with an assortment of limited edition merchandise that you can only collect once, so order now to not miss out on any goods!
    Care packages will be shipped out at set intervals every month. On the 15th of every month starting with the receipt of your first payment, you will begin receiving care packages in the mail. Care packages are non-returnable. If you experience issues such as delays or damaged products, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to resolve the problems as best we can. Some products are seasonal or in limited supply so availability for special requests isn’t guaranteed.
    Requiem’s signature roast coffee beans are delivered whole with all their magical flavor locked inside. The best flavor can be extracted by grinding the beans shortly before use. We highly recommend getting a coffee grinder to fully enjoy Requiem coffee at home. If you are adamantly opposed to grinding your own, we offer pre-ground options. Feel free to email us! To create a cafe au lait, simply brew 1-2 tablespoons of medium-coarse ground beans (coarse for French Press) for every 6oz of water (1tbsp for light, 2 for strong) and add milk or an alternative, and a spoonful of our provided flavor to taste. Start light; you can always add more! To make a latte or cappuccino, grind your beans fine and brew 1oz for every 8oz cup. Steam your milk or alternative and get to practicing your latte art! For those without an espresso machine who still want a latte: Coffee: Make an extra extra strong coffee using whatever available method you have and use 1-3oz of it depending on desired strength. Foam: To make foamy milk/cream/alternative without a steaming wand, Pour about 4-6 oz milk or alternative into a microwave safe jar with a lid and shake it up about 20-30 seconds (use less milk and shake more if you want more foam). Once foamy, open the jar and microwave for 30-45 seconds or until nice and warm. Pour the foam into your coffee and voila! A warm latte you made without an espresso machine at home!
    Our custom loose leaf tea blends can be brewed in bags, tea steepers, or gravity strainers. They are meant to be enjoyed plain or sweetened! To sweeten them Requiem style, stir in a spoonful of the provided flavor to taste. Follow the instructions in the coffee section above for steaming milk if you want a tea latte. For Green Teas, steep 3 minutes For Black Teas, steep 4 minutes For Herbal Teas, steep 5 minutes
    Our lemonade potion drinks are super plug and play! Pour the whole pouch into 48oz of fresh cold filtered water, stir and enjoy! To make it more sweet, only use 32oz of fresh water. For less sweet, use 64oz Serve cold and enjoy!
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