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Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy

REQUIEM: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy  has specialty hand blended organic teas to inject a dose of fantasy into your morning, afternoon or night. With an array of beautiful botanicals combined with fresh artsensial blends; FANTASY TEATIME is pure drinkable magic. From exotic citrus blends like Chamomile Clementine to earthy deep flavors from Sencha and Matcha; REQUIEM has an assortment of blends to suit the hero in you!

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REQUIEM'S teas are beautifully handcrafted and hand blended for maximum flavor profile. Containing antioxidants, and an array of benefits for your magical soul!

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REQUIEM provides a unique array of flavors. From bright morning blends to relaxing bedtime brews and herbal redemies to give you the boosts you need.


Daily magic is important to us at REQUIEM. We promote that every adventurer experience a sense of peace, calm, tranquility and inspiration. Quality with ample care and serotonin infused blends.


Our Fantasy Teatime collection contains an array of unique flavors like Chamomile Clementine, Iron Goddess of Mercy and Earl Grey Creme.

Brew a cup of magic with REQUIEM: Coffee, Tea and Fantasy!