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Requiem Cafe Interior


This is the cafe that blurs the line between fantasy and reality! 
Have you ever looked around and thought "there sure are
a lot of sports bars for all these sports fans. Why aren't there more places for fans of other things like books, comics, movies, and video games?" Sure, conventions are popular but they only happen a few times a year, are crazy busy and impersonal, and requires a huge commitment to celebrate the things you love with others. What about a more intimate and fantastical place to get truly immersed and enjoy all the things you love?

has a mission of bringing you the finest of locally, hand-roasted coffee. Our signature Avalon blend in tandem with our fine organic teas that are crafted with the finest botanicals; are carefully selected offering unique stories. In today's fast paced society, REQUIEM offers a calm and cozy alternative; one cup at a time.

is an original and diverse epic journey involving many creative artists, designers, writers and dreamers who wanted to make fantasy tangible. Together they have worked tirelessly to bring patrons a new fantasy to dream about and enjoy within our unique immersive setting.
Welcome home to REQUIEM!

Kristopher Irons | CEO of Requiem Cafe

Hey I'm Kris (They/Them). Thanks for checking out all this stuff for Requiem.


I always wanted this to be a place to genuinely celebrate all the things we love whether it's books, movies, games, anime, or anything else that gives us joy. I want Requiem to be a place of comfort and joy where you can truly express yourself.


Walking into Requiem is like stepping into another world with a bunch of themed areas and a menu inspired by all kinds of stuff from nerd culture. Whatever shenanigans are going on in your life outside, you should be able to be whisked away into a new world when you come into here.


I hope the message comes across and you can find what you're looking for in Requiem.

<3 Kris




12PM to 10PM



12PM to 11PM

Phone: +1 714-844-2245

Requiem Cafe Art Deco Interior
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